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April 20, 2011
Additional Speaker: Suzanne Somers, Sigourney Weaver cancelled due to filming conflict.

Back on April 20, a friend of mine, Shabana of Dejardin Insurance, and I attended the “Power of Women” event being hosted at the Epcor Center downtown Calgary. We were lucky enough to have been given an invite by “Judith and Charles” women’s clothing, who happened to be one of the event sponsors. It was an all day event and worth every penny we paid for the front seat VIP seating! The MC, Jessica Holmes, kept everyone howling in their chairs as she delivered one comedic act after another before introducing each speaker.

This was truly an inspirational day as one speaker after another introduced themselves and shared stories of their life’s journeys to date. Each being unique in their own special way. The overall atmosphere of the event was that of sharing in life’s experiences, hopes and dreams. To help others progress successfully down their chosen path without fear of failure or embarrassment. To be proud of who we are as individuals and strive to be the best you can be.

I was fortunate to have briefly met a wonderful person, Barbara Corcoran (of the Shark’s Tank) during the lunch intermission at Centini’s Restaurant (excellent food BTW). Barbara is successful in both life and business, genuine and a true good spirit. It is always lovely to see such a successful business woman stay true to herself and remain grounded.

I would highly recommend this event again to anyone out there who is looking for the opportunity to learn from others, better themselves and meet a great group of ladies. I know I will definitely be at the next one!

Shabana and I

Barbara and I

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