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Why radiography?

• Best method for inspecting concrete for conduit, rebar, and post tension cable.
• Gives a clear picture of everything within slab and each indication is identifiable.
• Up to 16″tk slab with IR192 and up to 24″tk slab with Co60, depending on concrete density.
• Film developed on-site.
• Results are immediate.

• Does not show depth as film portrays a latent image.
• Must be performed when people are not in the immediate area (usual at night) due to radiation exposure.

Radiographic Process
Upon arrival to site we do a complete walk through of your project. We identify all locations and number each location. We utilize a hand held locator to verify x-y location on the bottom of the slab for best film placement. Radiation barriers are set up to protect the general public. Exposures are taken of each location and the film is processed in our mobile darkroom. We mark all findings on the film itself, and provide film and report to the client.

What You Need To Do
Mark the location(s) area you wish to core, drill or saw-cut.
Provide access to both sides of concrete if suspended slab.
Ensure gamma radiography is allowed for use on your project. Usually building management has to give occupants at least 24 hours notice.
Call our office to schedule the job.