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Industrial radiography is used for a variety of applications but is commonly performed using two different sources of radiation, X-Ray and Gamma ray sources.

pitting-film1The choice of radiation sources and their strength depends on a variety of factors including size of the component and the material thickness. Within the broad group of X-Ray and Gamma ray sources are a variety of exposure device choices with varying radiation strengths. Gamma-Tech radiographic capabilities use the portable gamma-ray exposure devices for field weld applications up to 7″ tk. wall material inspection. Gamma sources vary from very low-level Iridium (IR192 – up to 3″ tk. steel)
sources used for a variety of weld inspections, to Cobalt (Co 60 – up to 7″ tk. steel) inspections for thick component testing.
There are many advantages to radiography including: inspection of a wide variety of material types with varying density, ability to inspect assembled components, minimum surface preparation required, sensitivity to changes in thickness corrosion, voids, cracks and material density changes, the ability to detect both surface and subsurface defects and the ability to provide a permanent record of the inspection.

plant-work1The disadvantages of radiography are: safety precautions are required for the safe use of radiation, access to both sides of the specimen are required, orientation of the sample is critical, and determining flaw depth is impossible without additional angled exposures.

Gamma-Tech supplies a complete line of radiographic services for both shop and field applications. Our staff of qualified, certified, professional radiographers operate within strict safety parameters and produce high quality radiographs that allow us to utilize our interpretation skills.

rttHoned through many years of experience, Gamma-Tech can easily determine if an indication is an actual defect or can be accepted per the applicable code requirements.

Allow the experts at Gamma-Tech to prescribe the proper radiographic technique for your needs.