Committed to Providing Excellent
and High Quality Non-Destructive
Testing Services.

Gamma-Tech Inspection Ltd. provides both wet and dry coring to its clients.

drill-spotterThough our main operations remain inspection, which include both GPR scanning and radiography, we could see a benefit to our clients of adding coring as an additional option. This is particularly handy in situations where an engineer is not required before a core is done. Therefore, we decided to provide basic coring services (1″ up to 8″ maximum) in an effort to provide one-stop-shopping to the majority of our clients. If the quantity of cores exceeds our capabilities, the hole size required is greater than 8″ or cutting trenches, etc is required, we forward these requests to one of our partner companies. Please contact us for recommendations.

For coring services we provide, our prices include all cleanup, ladders, core catching/core removal and related equipment, etc. We can core floor, wall and drain collars.

Many times, renovations are being made to existing offices/buildings that are fully staffed. Our crews all endeavour to make sure each location area looks the same after we leave as when we showed up. Particular care is taken when using wet core equipment.

coring2 coring1